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Castle Defend v4.5b

Map Information
Submitted: Mefhisto
Map Genre:Defense
Last Update:Oct-12-05
File Size: 77kb

The main objective is to defend your king. You can use many units, heroes and upgrades for it. Over 55 levels of attacker, 10 levels of upgrades for weapons, armors, heroes, 16 types of units to create defense, each with usefull abilities and skills, 4 types of heroes, with powerfull abilities. Gold is for killing attackers, lumber is for buying items...


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By Rad on Nov-08-05

I take it english wasnt your first language... Anyways there is a bunch of bad grammar, the spells are worthless (First hero unlocks at level 5, shockwave does 75 damage, but the units have nearly 5000 life...), half the units at the altar arent heroes. Its to slow paced and people ALWAYS block the gate and there is no alternate path.

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