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Age of the Hero

Map Information
Submitted: Wow_Master
Map Genre:Role Playing
Last Update:Sep-12-08
File Size: 951kb
Rating:1.0 / 5

You control the traveling Paladin Kamazzar on his joerny cross the world, but this time, he is trapped in a town full of demons and undeads.

-Many levels

Look for the next chapter in the triology soon.


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By ChaosWarlock on Aug-15-09

This game needs a LOT of work to make it enjoyable. The first group of guys I found to fight were 3 gouls and a necro. It cuts to a short cinematic before I can get to them. I go for the necro first in case he can summon skeletons or something. Before I kill the necro another cinematic comes up. I am then teleported to some city where I no longer have control of my hero. He just walks around and keeps saying things like "I should explore" and "where are all the people". I finally get control of my hero again and I see what looks to be an elevator switch. I step on it and it says you are traped and the game ends.

There was nothing in this sequence that was enjoyable to me what so ever. Cinematics are fine but when they interupt you from playing the game it is annoying. Playing an RPG I look for good heros (there are no hero choices in this game) and some interesting fights. Also I don't know anyone that wants to have a game end because they walked over one particular area of the map.

Sorry I have to rate this 1 and only because it doesn't let me put 0.

By NightShade on Nov-04-08

heroes heaven was better. Or had more immediate appeal.

By Wow_Master on Sep-17-08

You should also play the second chapter: Curse of the Hero.


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