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Sharpshooter Online v1.20b

Map Information
Submitted: xxxtrickyxxx
Map Genre:Other
Last Update:Nov-25-08
File Size: 3012kb
Rating:5.0 / 5

Sharpshooter Online is a team based first person shooter capable of being played with friends. Arrow keys are treated as if using a joystick rather than a mouse for aiming. Experience sharpshooting from a rifleman's eye in this remote mountain range war zone. Dominate your opponents by blending in with your environment and snipe them down one by one from extreme ranges. May the strongest team win, game ends after one team reaches 25 or 50 kills.


* Fully functional movement system via 'Arrow Keys' and W'A'S'D.
* Complete scope view rotation via W'A'S'D keys.
* Dynamic shooting of head, chest, and leg body detection.
* Destructible environment including barrels, trees, and walls.
* Misc abilities such as knife, grenade, and sprint.

Additional Information:

* Arrow keys will move you around as well as rotate you while aiming.
* To shoot press (T), but make sure you have remaining ammunition.
* When you run out of ammunition the reload ability will appear. By pressing (R), you will begin reloading your weapon.
* Pressing (S) will enable you to move faster until pressed again or when your breath runs out below your health.
* When someone is too close to shoot, knife them! By pressing (E), you will attempt a fast and painful slash.
* To throw a grenade, press (G), but remember you only have a few. Grenades are very useful for destroying building walls as well as players.
* The aim feature is a magnified scope that appears when you press (A). You will not be able to move, but you can simply exit the mode by pressing (A) again.
* The sensitivity control with the given camera icon will increase or decrease your aiming sensitivity. By first pressing (Q), three abilities slow(Q), medium(W), and fast(E) are given. These may be simultaneously pressed to prevent interruption of tweaking. Combinations are as followed: (Q-Q), (Q-W), (Q-E).

Most of all, have fun... It may be hard at first, but once you get the hang of the controls it gets easier.


Sharpshooter Online is currently a beta, therefore is not final and subject to change and be updated. For now, all updates, news, comments, and suggestions for this beta should be posted in this thread. Since it is currently in the very early stage, no more than 3-4 players will be able to play in a stable manor until a later time. Feel free to try more, but you will notice a large frame rate loss. Remember, this map is in no way perfect, it will have many bugs and issues. Anyone who wants the unprotected version due to curiosity or the interest of editing the map may email me at [email protected] or just private message me here on the forums.

* It is also recommended host use List Checker, Dota Client, or any type of third party Lan program for better response time.

Created by xXx-Tricky-xXx, additional credit to Uareanoob, Moronicizer, and Azur3wrath for all of their helpful contributions to the creation of this map.


If you download a map, feel free to come back and leave feedback. Your comments and opinions help authors make better maps.


By usejchris on Feb-09-10

Your map is good but it will be more good if you'll make an AI on it!!!

By Nighthawk on Oct-29-09

Unique gameplay and a simple, but strategic and skill-based, pvp system. Certainly one of the better Warcraft 3 mods.

5 stars

By NightShade on Mar-18-09

mmm, good map.

By Silenz XE on Nov-14-08

Wow, very nice!

I like the presentation as well. It is MUCH better then some: "aNd tehn da guy wos trickeded and he was traped in teh earthh so he wos savd bey teh guy... etc" <--- This sort of thing is BAD in my opinion. If you have taken a while to make a map, why would you ruin it by giving it a crappy description?


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