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Quno EHD 1.0 BETA

Map Information
Submitted: Advena
Map Genre:Defense
Last Update:Sep-13-08
File Size: 1510kb

Examples of what makes this map special:
-Upto 4v4 teamplay, single player, or anything inbetween.
-You can open gates in the enemy teams lane, makng shortcuts for the creeps.
-You can buy item recepies based on what Hero Class you're playing (combat/marksmanship/spellcasting/support)
-All Heros and creeps are elementally aligned to one or two Elements, taking and dealing ore or less damage to diffrent elemetal types.
-Many unique trigger encoded special abilities!
-Game modes 'Power Mode' and 'Gold Rush'
-Lumber resource reworked to 'Pewer' which is needed both to level Hero abilities and open/close gates.

Full description in this forum thread:

Please post any feedback in the forum thread or mail me at "[email protected]"

I hope you like it :)


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