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Undead Outbreak v1.3

Map Information
Submitted: ReVolver
Map Genre:Other
Last Update:Feb-09-09
File Size: 1522kb
Rating:4.5 / 5

This game is about infecting your enemies or creep areas to increase your army. Lets say you have a ghoul that kills a creep you now have 2 ghoul spawns added to your army, they are weaker than a ghoul but they can't get infected, once you upgraded your base you can get stronger units like a greater ghoul which can create 2 ghouls and those 2 ghouls can know create 2 spawn ghouls which adds up to 5 units to your army by using only 1 main unit!

Casters have auto cast spells that are useful when it comes to massive armies, necromancers can cast unholy frenzy which is like orc - bloodlust, it increases attack speed and movement, bashees can cast curse to make your enemies miss attacks. Heroes can be essential to your army they can be supportive or offensive.

Abominations and Fel Guards have unique abilities, they cannot be infected, Abominations have lots of health and have Disease Cloud ability, Fel Guards have chaos damage and have a Cleaving Attack. Meat Wagons are used to destroy any buildings from the enemy, they are strong but lack health, so don't get them too close!

Frost Wyrms and Gargoyles are air based units, they are really difficult to defeat since there a not many ranged units that attack air in this game. Warlocks and Doom Guards work as a pair, Warlock have specific spells that can protect Doom Guards, and Doom Guards have strong attacks, lots of health, and are magic immune to some spells, they can also attack air.

They are lots of buildings to build so make sure you summon Obelisks to make a barrier around your base and use spirit towers to defend it if you don't have your army at your base. Upgrade your obelisks to get a stronger barrier.

Make sure you summon a Book of Bounty, it gives you a way to exchange lumber for gold and vise-versa. This building requires a nearby unit to use.

The key point of this game is to create a better army than your opponent, upgrade faster, and keep your hero alive! If I have more information on the game if I choose to add or change something I'll add it here.


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By thewrongvine on Feb-09-09

Awesome Map!
Really fun and simple, good job!

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