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Map Information
Submitted: Bloodcount
Map Genre:Other
Last Update:Sep-22-08
File Size: 27kb
Rating:4.0 / 5

Tenthousand years ago, when warlocks rulled the earth, they made a game, to decide wich one is moore agile and skilled.This is their game.The winner wins a dimention and the looser is locked in it.Wellcome to the world of Netherball

THe idea- YOu are both in controll of a Bloodmage.He has the following skills
Ball- This is the main event, one ball lasts for 30 seconds.Use it to score points.Do not fear to intercept the ball.It won't heart you.
Inner Strengt- The Bloodmage unleashes his powers granting himself 4 times his normal speed but for a limited time.
Blink- Your best Friend in this game.Trust me on that one.
To score a point you must hit your oponent's Big circle of power.

Basick Gameplay and Baisick Modes-
First let's start with the duraitoin of the game.Type -10.THis will give you 1000gold to revive.When you score a point you kill your enemy.You can type -10 as much times as you want to give gold.
For Begginers i Recommend that you use only one ball at a time.
Advanced modes and Gameplay-
The 2 advanced modes:
-nm and -pm.Trees will spawn at random points of the map.This will make the game moore difficult.Turn on only -nm. -pm is still beiing tested.Try to shackle your opponent using inner strenght.Blink is terrible for ball controll but verry usefull for begginers and , saving your circle.

Q: Uh.....what's up with the point system?
A:I am bad with triggers...acepting help.

Q:No, AI?
A:I am not AceHart, the map was inspired by AceHart

Q:Hey, I can open the map!
A:Yes, no reason to lock it

Q: I am really starting to get the hang of it~
A: Good for you!Now try playing with the pro modes

Q:Ah Sh*t! That guy used Blink to score a point easaly
A: works as planed

Q:And he didn't eaven had to hit the ball
A:worked as planed

Q:stop with the "works as planed" you are annoying me
A: works as planed


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By Evil Seal on Jan-20-10


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