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SWL Hero Arena v1.1c - Official Version

Map Information
Submitted: Bassuck
Map Genre:Arena/CTF
Last Update:Oct-28-08
File Size: 1395kb
Rating:5.0 / 5

Choose your destiny in the deathmatch arena, from over 60 uniquely customised heroes with unique abilities and fight in the arena in teams of upto 5v5. Can choose from short mode, normal mode, long mode or even a tug-of-war mode for various styles of gameplay. Earn gold by killing creeps and heroes - buy items and upgrade/combine them with item recipes to ultimately personalise your hero with your own style. The game also features series of mini-games which is accessible by picking up bonus runes, and a secret level which can only be opened by a combination of specific items! With infintely many possibilities and outcomes of hero builds, there will be no telling who you will face next in the arena!

Version v1.1d is now available for download. Please download the newer version from just above


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