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Zombie Hunter 2 Fixed

Map Information
Submitted: Gravit
Map Genre:Other
Last Update:Oct-26-08
File Size: 3061kb
Rating:4.0 / 5

With Jaeden's brother slain, the hunters return home to receive their next assignment. When they reach the mainland, they find it overrun with the same ordeal that plagued the island.

It seems Jaeden has taken his revenge and he's not alone. Reaching headquarters looks to be the only way of finding out what's really going on.

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By Gravit on Nov-02-08

Glad you liked it, UndeadDragon. Try it out with 6 people and I guarantee you'll have a blast!
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By UndeadDragon on Nov-01-08

I just realised there was version 3 :P

Anyway, it's a great game. I just tried it in single player and I realised that it was definately a team game (finally a good team game :D). So I just put on whosyourdaddy and tried it out.

The opening cinematic is really good and it leads into the rest of the game really well, by just panning the camera around to the zombie hunter.

The terrain is really nice, the fog gives it a good spooky feel. The cinematics all through the game are really good aswell.

Overall, it is a really nice map. Going to try the next version soon ;)

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