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Twilight Path ORPG

Map Information
Submitted: iPeez
Map Genre:Role Playing
Last Update:Oct-30-08
File Size: 1960kb
Rating:4.0 / 5

Map Size: 160x160.
Players: 5.
Type: ORPG.
Twist: Samurai style, complete twist with custom models, using Black_Stan's long forgotten Samurai models which is not available anywhere anymore.
Story: Ages ago, in Japan, there was a highly respected dojo, only training the best. Five heroes - that was what they were - each one from a different clan should be put on the ultimate test. They should figure out how to do the impossible. Overwhelm an enemy with only friendship.


What's new?
This ORPG is not like the others - with a twist of japanese (see above), it is focused on gameplay and teamwork. There are places specially designed for single player, but every single boss requires teamwork.

You might think, since all Samurais are melee, there is no difference in the classes - that is extremely wrong. Even though all the classes are killers, there are healers, damage per second, tankers, casters, all the shit.



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