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Creeps Unite! v1.07

Map Information
Submitted: darkRae
Map Genre:AoS Maps
Last Update:Oct-31-08
File Size: 705kb
Rating:4.0 / 5

The Humans are going to wipe out the forest, including the creeps inside. The creeps form a force named Forest Creeps to fight and repel the humans. Both sides are struggling. Who will win?

-- Quick 1v1 Game (<60 minutes)
-- Unique Heroes with their own themes and roles
-- Some never-before-seen spells
-- Two lanes of pushing and killing
-- Two unique Gamemodes: Hero mode and Guardian mode
-- Use of lumber to buy items
-- Hire creeps with unique abilities
-- No AI. Features no AI

This map is unprotected. You may open it for educational purposes ONLY.
If you hijack it that means you're a selfish greedy pig! lol

Credit goes to me, the maker :
Email me for questions or anything you want.

Changelog for Creeps Unite! v1.07 :
-- Remade the Gargantuan Sea Giant.
-- Into the Sea Hunter.
-- Altered river area a bit in favor of the new Hero.
-- Removed Manipulator, he is to be remade.
-- You can no longer Gather lumber from trees.
-- But you are given 1 lumber in the beginning.
-- Added a new creep, the Searing Skeleton.
-- Removed the Warper(s)
-- Reshuffled the hired creeps' icons' positions.
-- Reworked on bounties of hired creeps a bit.
-- Changed the name of Titanus' ability.
-- Reduced the duration of Titanus' images from to 30 seconds..
-- Changed the name of Typhoon's ability.
-- Reduced the manacost of it from 15 to 10.
-- Reduced Chameleon's HP from 650 to 400.
-- Reduced goldcost of Carrier from 100 to 75.
-- Reduced goldcost of Thunder Wyrm from 1500 to 1300.
-- Reduced goldcost of Demo Beetle from 800 to 450.
-- Reduced goldcost of Dragon from 550 to 300.
-- Reduced goldcost of Ninja from 800 to 700.
-- Made Poison Claws to only affect movespeed.
-- Ninja's HP from 650 to 475.
-- And lowered the damage from 30 to 25.
-- Lowered Alpha Thunder's cost from 600g1l to 650g0l.
-- Alpha Thunder's HP/regen from 800/5 to 650/0
-- Alpha Thunder's armor from 5 to 1.
-- Increased the Alpha Thunder's capacity to summon missiles.
-- Mana from 60 to 50, Cost from 10 to 5.
-- Alpha Thunder's name shortened to "Alpha".
-- You can now summon multiple missiles regardless of previous summons.
-- Thunder Wyrm's lightning attack deals 125 damage up from 75 damage.
-- Changed Thunder Wyrm's armor type to Hero.
-- Increased Massive Body's damage reduced from 18 to 22.
-- Added a new item, the Enchanted Shield.
-- Keys cost 55g each now instead of 90g.
-- Attribute bonus Keys now give +3 each instead of +5.
-- Including the Sacred Glyph, now only gives +3 instead of +5.
-- Added other minor bonuses to Power Gloves, Dexterity Scroll, and Tactics.
-- PG/DS/T cost increased from 100g to 180g.
-- Reduced goldcost of Flower from 100 to 50.
-- Reduced goldcost of Ankh of Reincarnation from 2000 to 1000.
-- But changed the charges from 2 to 1.
-- Air Ray from 1700g1l to 1000g1l.
-- Amulet of Doom from 2300g3l to 700g3l.
-- Blood Helmet from 2000g to 1400g.
-- Crippling Fang from 950g to to 700g.
-- Crippling Fang interval from 0.5 to 0.3, duration from 2.5 to 4.0
-- Disruption Staff from 1900g1l to 1600g1l
-- Dreadlord Pendant lifesteal from 20% to 25%.
-- Felhound's attack cooldown from 1.85 to 1.4
-- Recoded Impenetrable Armor, hopefully it lags a lot less.
-- Forest Giant gains 8.00 STR per level instead of 6.90
-- And loses 0.5 AGI per level instead of 0.4
-- Increased Nature's Blessing's armor bonus on Self from 2/4/7 to 3/6/10
-- So it is now as follows: 1(2) / 2(6) / 4(10)
-- Fixed Angelus Prayer's tooltip.
-- Reduced cooldown on Angelus Prayer from 110 to 70.
-- Reduced manacost of Angelus Prayer from 200 to 150.
-- Cooldown of Healing Wave from 14/13.5/13 to 14/12/10
-- Manacost of Healing Wave from 90/110/130 to 100/115/130
-- Reworked on how Pulverize slows.
-- Previously:
-- 70% on 0-200 range; 60% on 200-400; 40% on 400-600; 25% on 600-800;
-- Now:
-- 80% on 0-200 range, 70% on 200-400; 60% on 400-600; 50% on 600-800; 40% on 800-1000;
-- AOE from 800 to 1000, max damage from 800 to 650.
-- Reworked on Ueki's initial ability, again.
-- Reduced manacost for Kurogane, Ranma, Seikuu.
-- From 120/120/120 to 105/105/105.
-- Kurogane deals 225/325/425 damage now, previously was 190/265/340.
-- Hidden Knives deals 125/175/225 instead of 110/190/290
-- Shadow Jump goes 700/850/1000 range instead of 650/850/1250.
-- darkRae form gives 300 bonus HP instead of 500.
-- Reworked on Wolf Extra-ordinare's initial ability.
-- Reworked on Dark Mousy's initial ability.
-- Rutile now gives splash damage.
-- Troll Vitality heals for 0.5% instead of 0.3%
-- Also gives bonus movespeed of 5%/9%/13% instead of 3%/6%/9%
-- Reduced damage for Mars' ultimate "Storm" from 250 to 175.
-- Increased area of affect for Storm from 800 to 1200.

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By playerr on Nov-17-08

This is one of my favorite maps!
Keep up the good work!
It would be great if you add more heros or make a multiplayer version.

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By NightShade on Nov-01-08

I used to play this game a lot, I was wondering if you where going to submit a "better" version. it doesn't seem like you added a lot of heros. the heros are imbalanced, the infernal is crazy powerful(I'd name a powerful human hero but I only play creeps).
You should make a version that's multiplayer(like 4 or 6 players), that would be awesome.
I would play it now but I have some (procrastinating from doing) homework to do.

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