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Bumper Car

Map Information
Submitted: vypur85
Map Genre:Other
Last Update:Dec-01-08
File Size: 372kb
Rating:4.0 / 5

Looking for maps with,

- Lots of items;
- Lots of different heroes;
- Strategic gameplay;
- Teamwork;
- Confusing ability tooltip;
- Flashy abilities?

This map has all but the above. It's all about fun. Choose a Bumper Car and begin to bump other players!

This game requires you almost no use of mouse and only needs you to press the UP keyboard key. Your Bumper Car will periodically spin and when you face your desired direction, just hit the UP key and your car will move. Try to bump as many cars to the corner and gain Score points before others. That's all. It's simple.

Game Modes:
Bumper Car:
Play the classical bumper car that requires you to knock your opponent to the edges of the map. Crash 4 cars ahead of the others and you get 1 winning point.

Bumble Bee Attack!:
Instead of bumping others, try to avoid them now! An aggresive Bumble Bee is being released into the arena! Run as far away from it. If the bee targets you, try to bump others to make the bee target them instead. You lose the round if you get stung 4 times.

Bomber Car
Race to grab the bomb! Once grabbed, you need 3 seconds to activate the bomb. During this period, you cannot move! Once activated, you have 10 seconds to bump someone to explode, or risk suicidal! Movement speed will be reduced while bearing the bomb. Be the first to achieve the win target. Sounds simple? Have fun!

Dwarf Bumper:
Fast movement, Average spin rate, Average weight.

Diablo Bumper:
Slow movement, Average spin rate, Heavy weight

Undead Bumper:
Fast movement, Fast spin rate, Light weight

Orc Bumper:
Slow movement, Slow spin rate, Heavy weight

This map is equipped with AI. The AI are unnaturally pro. I personally have hard time winning them. Their difficulty may be reduced in future release. Suggestion: Use 2 computer slots to test in Single Player game. Else it'll be too tough.
AI difficulty can now be adjusted. It's still in testing mode. Easy mode can be quite dumb at times. Bomber Car AI's are quite dumb. It's hard to code their escape pattern =.=". It's better if you play with humans.

If some of you may have noticed, the idea of this map is actually taken from a handphone game called 'Sumo Smash'. I've converted the game into WC3 style just for the fun of it .

Have FUN

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By rover2341 on Nov-23-08

Was Fun, Not sure how it could be improved, but was a little tuff, more so for the others that had some lag, i was host.

Very Interesting game at the least, worth a try.

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