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War of the Races v0.99

Map Information
Submitted: Mefhisto
Map Genre:Melee
Last Update:Nov-04-05
File Size: 833kb

Normal melee map, but with 12 races to choose: Humans, Orcs, Undeads, Night Elfs, Blood Elfs, Doom Orcs, Skieletons, Nagas, Mercenary, Dreanei, Corrupted Treants and Animals. There computer player can play with other race. Insane Computer plays great here. All races have upgrades for weapons, abilities, spells. All races have spellcasters with upgrades and all races have two hero. All these races are balanced.

-twelve well balanced races,
-each race have his own shop with their items,
-two types of heroes per race,
-five heroes to hire in tavern,
-over hundred of imported files,
-AI for special computer race with two heroes and separate tech tree,
and many other things,
-many new aspects of gameplay with new units and abilities.

Have fun...


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By Theurg on Apr-22-09

I have that problem like hunter,can you somebody help? pls

By Hunter on May-15-07

If I try to play the map, then it says something about not having enough storage space, but i'm sure i have enough. Can you help?

By SD_Ryoko on Nov-10-05

Download it to your warcraft directory

Warcraft III\maps\download

Then you can run it on bnet, or play it single player.

By Heart ripper on Nov-10-05

how do i install this map to run it plz tell me

By Chaosarmy on Nov-09-05

oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ok thnx

By SD_Ryoko on Nov-09-05

Chaos, did you look at the 'Map Protectors' link on the left?!

By Chaosarmy on Nov-07-05

kool. IM making a map. All I have to worry about is the balance cause its a little unfair. Oh well. good job. 9/10. DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO PROTECT YOUR MAPS?????? TELL ME TELL ME!!!!!!

By runeliger on Nov-06-05

Great map... good balanced as well.

By Pyromancer on Nov-04-05

wow, how long did that take to make?!!!
great map :)

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