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Winter Maul Wars X12.6

Map Information
Submitted: aphotica
Map Genre:Defense
Last Update:Jan-03-09
File Size: 853kb

Winter Maul War Masters


Creator of WmW:

-Every tower in envy has -1 second cooldown

-Weather's second tower has reduced damage (35-83)

-Wind is unrigged.

-Camera View Settings are available for every player--the commands are -cam1 thru
-cam9999. Select an integer between 1 and 9999 to set your camera settings to that
distance from the ground. The normal distance is 1700, a far distance is 2500.
This is an anti-lag system, also to have a comfortable gameplay.

-Terrain is fixed-there were a couple areas where towers were unbuildable.

-Regions replaced-Units now meet at the center at the same time-and head to the
boat at the same time.

-Wrath of the King is taken out of Hate.

-Radiations towers have been reduced in size and some of their towers cost less
and have had slight modifications to them--most remain untouched.

-"Seconds" in the Big Ben race have additional splash--but less splash than in
previous versions. (10.5)

-Items in the item merchant are now available.

-If player red misses out on selecting a difficulty, he can type -go to start the game

-Clan information fixed and widely advertised throughout the game. Dedication to
WmWM testers were given a hero--or a name on the loading list--or listed on quests.

Clan WmWM for the ONLY Official WmW Clan!
Located on Azeroth~US EAST


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