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The Village

Map Information
Submitted: ScreamMonkey
Map Genre:Melee
Last Update:Nov-13-05
File Size: 249kb

It's bad enough that villagers have been going missing lately, pirates & sea-monsters roam the shipping lanes, and dragons terrorize the town from the nearby mountain. But now, two great opposing armies aim to use this peaceful community as their battleground! The townspeople have had enough and are prepared to defend their little village.

Fun & Powerful Items: From the Aura Orb to the Pipe of Mushroom Smoking, Cheese (which gives health) to the Shambling Hive Root, Midas' Mining Tool to the "Scepter of Uber Mastery," Dr. Frankenstein's Lab Blueprints to Dr. Jeckle's "Health Tonic"... The Village is packed with fun & useful items to better help you pummel the other team out of existence.

Tough & Interesting Creeps: Most of the above mentioned items won't simply be handed over to you without a fight! The villagers have their own heroes for you to contend with, the seas are guarded by sea-monsters & pirates, the two dark forests have a wide variety of evil beings which dwell within, and Dragon Mountain's greatest treasures are guarded by "Tiny!"

Two Additional Races: For those brave & clever enough to figure out how, the Naga & Dark Elf technologies await. Attaining each of these races will allow you to build their respective buildings & units (including a new hero for each). Dark Elves are especially fun, with units such as Dark Elf Assassins, Basilisks, Gremlins, Ancient Guardians, & more!

Many more secrets have been built-in for your enjoyment; but remember, this is a melee game so destroying your enemy is the ultimate goal. - Are you angry that the other team just razed half your base to the ground using 5 DragonSheep & 20 Frankenstein monsters? Do a little more exploration, and then pay him back by attacking with Giant Termites and Compost Golems! You might even try using the Scepter of Uber-Mastery to mind control an Ancient Hydra, and send it along for good measure! - Exploration is essential to victory!

Have Fun!

- Screaming Monkey -


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By ScreamMonkey on Nov-20-05

Well, it's a little more than just finding items. But you're right, I guess if you're expecting DotA & aren't willing to give something new a chance, then you will leave. But I've been playing all weekend (again) & I'm still getting nothing but good feedback from people who stay. :)

By Rad on Nov-18-05

Quote: The one fifth who don't are leaving within the first five minutes because they're either confusing it for a Ladder map

If you dont get 1 hero and 4 skills and only worry about finding items, 1 out of 5 people will leave anyways. Another reason DotA is popular.

By ScreamMonkey on Nov-18-05

Also, while playing online, I've been noticing that the acquisition of customized items, heroes, units, etc. has been THE DETERMINING FACTOR as to which side wins...

I have been completely OWNED by opponents who aggressively sought to acquire The Village's hidden heroes, item, & units!.. AND I MADE THE MAP! (lol)!

By ScreamMonkey on Nov-18-05

OK, I've been finding that online, 4 out of 5 people LOVE my map (yea!).

The one fifth who don't are leaving within the first five minutes because they're either confusing it for a Ladder map, or they're sitting & not doing anything, and then saying that the map is boring :รพ

...This is definitely NOT a Ladder game, & YOU HAVE TO ACTUALLY GET UP & DO SOMETHING to have fun on this map! :D

By Pyromancer on Nov-14-05

ohh, i thought you had to select them or sumthing. sry!!!!!!!

By ScreamMonkey on Nov-14-05


To get the Naga, rescue a Murgul Slave by simply approaching it with one of your heroes. There are 3 islands to the West, 2 of them have a Murgul Slave stranded on them.
Dark Elves are similar. Rescue one of the two Corrupted Trees of Eternity, located in the dense forests to the East. >:) SM

By Pyromancer on Nov-14-05

how do you get the naga and dark elves??!!

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