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Footman & Archer 1.2

Map Information
Submitted: kenyi
Map Genre:Other
Last Update:Dec-06-05
File Size: 356kb

-play as an archer or footman. Each type of unit has different attributes, weapons and upgrades. Each weapons contains 3 attack types.

-Gamemode: FFA, Team DM, Footman Vs Archer

*FFA mode* Reach 15 kills to win

*Team Deathmatch* A team must have 35 kills to win.

*Footman Vs Archer*
Archer - Protect the ancients.
Footman - Destroy all the 5 ancients. Each ancients has different attributes.
in 35 minutes.

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By morxel on Nov-23-05

Hmm... im making a map very simiular... i think :s, its a 4vs4 archer game ^^ except instead of reaching number of kills u gotta destroy a castle =P *cough archery warz* hehe nice map :)
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By SD_Ryoko on Nov-19-05

Nice new preview image. It might not hurt to add a little more description to the map, about how the gameplay works and why people will enjoy playing it. Cheers

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