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Tribal Wars Version 1.1

Map Information
Submitted: 777-X
Map Genre:Melee
Last Update:Feb-01-09
File Size: 129kb
Rating:2.0 / 5

Probably the most worked on Custom Melee map you might ever play. Collect Junk dropped by CPUs and Smash their base! Even CPUs can play with you if your goin' Single Player! To top it off, Train Legendary Gate Keepers to Slice you opponent's base to bits! Here are the Custom races for each Race, as in, the Normal race you choose becomes the custom one that follows:

Orcs-Orges (whom are still Orcs XD)
Night Elves-Forest Elves & Woodland Creatures

-I tried getting rid of that other weird pic, and replaced it with a more proper picture
-Added neutral buildings that only work by capturing.
-the 1st tier 1 unit can now capture buildings.


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By NightShade on Feb-22-09

how about you make it so your map has something new besides graphics, names, tooltips and build/train time. the heroes aren't worked on at all.

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