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Achievement TD v1.12.2

Map Information
Submitted: ZiggyMcjoney
Map Genre:Defense
Last Update:Feb-21-09
File Size: 377kb

NOTE: GG_Pope = ZiggyMcjoney = Arche = Vantuex. All of those are different names for the same person. This map is my own creation :P.

Welcome to Achievement TD!

The objective of this TD is no different to any other TD - protect your portal at the end of the maze from waves of mobs by building towers. However, this TD has many differences from your standard tower defense. To upgrade towers, you must spend achievement points.

How do you earn achievement points? Tonnes of ways - building certain towers, completing certain bonus waves, killing certain numbers of units, almost anything. This TD is heavily strategic - to beat the more difficult modes players will have to learn the strengths and weaknesses of their towers, the combinations of towers they want to build and when to build them. It's a challenging experience, but success is very rewarding in this map!

This TD currently features over 100 towers and 40 waves. Certain waves have bonus features, such as units you have to save, damage tests and even a boss that tries to pull the portal further through your maze! Learn to overcome these challenges and you'll have great success in the world of Achievement TD.

Thanks to:
Aendri - For map testing, ideas and comic relief
Dave - For not testing the map when we wanted him to and letting me make him a prawn in the storyline.
Gnollking - For his constant willingness to test the map because he's too lazy to do anything else, and his l33t skills making balancing the map a breeze.
Lokilokii - For losing his RoC CD and being unable to play TFT.
rappunk23 - For ideas and support :D
Vexorian - For his awesome map optimizer
The general community of for it's awesome assistance whenever I needed it.

Have fun! Replays, bug reports and damage test figures are much appreciated <3


If you download a map, feel free to come back and leave feedback. Your comments and opinions help authors make better maps.


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