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Chasms Edge

Map Information
Submitted: Akash
Map Genre:Melee
Last Update:Feb-24-09
File Size: 59kb

A 2 player melee map where players are placed at two sides of the chasm, on its edges and have to defeat each other to win. Map has appropriately designed slopes which enable good strategy development


Deep in the middle of the Dark Chasm are the wells of eternity. They are wells of ancient power which give the drinker eternal life and eternal energy. The kingdom which harnesses the powers of these wells will control the world. But the Dark Chasm is not a safe place. The Chasms edge is filled with Enraged Quill boars, Satyrs, Banished Centaur raiders, ogres and other dangers unknown. These creatures loot and plunder nearby areas and keep their treasures stashed in their camps, waiting to find other chances to loot and plunder. But none of the creatures venture near to the chasms center. It is said in the ancient text that the wells are guarded by an ancient spirit trapped in the form of a rock. It kills all who approach the well and resurrects them as skeletal soldiers to do its bidding. No one who ventured into the chasm has come back alive. your kingdom has sent you to capture the land and destroy all the enemy forces that may try to interfere. Prepare for the greatest adventure filled with peril as you begin your quest to conquer the wells of eternity, but be wary, because what you find may be a bit too scary for your own good.[i]


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By Akash on Mar-13-09

Hey guys if you have any comments, feedback or any bugs to report please mail me at [email protected]


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