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Ice Troll Tribes II 1.17b

Map Information
Submitted: Kyxoan
Map Genre:Other
Last Update:Dec-17-05
File Size: 1965kb

New Features
- All new terrain
- Hunger stat
- Herbs that can be eaten or made into potions to restore health
- New White Tiger pet
- 3 new classes Warrior Shaman and Scout
- Fire and Tribal banner switch owners to make cooking meat and summoning the tribal spirit easier
- All the deadly bugs that made alphas unplayable were fixed (variables mostly)
- Tons of item combinations to create weapons, armor, spells, buildings, traps, defenses and many other things.
- Random item spawning to make it a diffrent game everytime its played.
- Made by the original troll tribe creator (way before jungle and island trolls rip off maps)

Version 1.17b Updates
-Fixed the outpost bug that prevented any troll except the scout from entering it.
-Added 3 abilities which will set the outpost for the selected troll to the outpost. (Click on your class icon)
-Added a Healing Cart for shamans
on Shaman -Mana Mana Stone Stone Stick Stick
Provides and AOE heal for 10 health when casted and a small ranged attack
-Added Gathering cart for scouts
on Scout -Tinder Tinder Stone Stone Stick Stick
-Bram has been revamped and is now made with
on Warrior - Stone Stone Stone Stone Stick Stick
-Fixed the creater glow bugs
-Fixed some immunity checks
-Fixed some terrain pathing issues

**This is a fully playable map it is only beta because I plan on adding alot more content in the future.**

For additional bug notes/feedback/suggestions, please email or or visit the Ice Troll Tribes forums at

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By Kenak on Jul-10-06

I'm currently working on an Ice Troll Tribes v2.5, it seems to have the answers to everything you want =) When it's finished it will be posted onto this site.
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By Halo_king116 on Jul-05-06

I actually disliked this map. Ice Troll Tribes 1 was the original to me, and after playing this it seems to be true.

Here are some things I noticed, atleast with the version I played:

-Was too easy. You didn't lose energy and health as fast as you used to
-It didn't have that "Ice Troll Tribe" feel. It felt kind of like Island Troll Tribes, which I never really liked.
-So... Many... Herbs! I didn't know what to do with them all!
-Good that you kept the same items. It was always perfect as far as the sticks and stone went. Though, I liked the old bone model used in early versions. I don't know why.

-Ice Troll Tribes was always simple, and easy to understand. that what I liked about it. Though I normally like complicated games, this was just good and fun.

In the end, nice like of maps. Though I liked Ice Troll Tribes 1 the most. I would check into my first suggestion.

Good luck!

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By Kenak on Jul-02-06

Kyx die in a fire.
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By Kyxoan on Dec-09-05

and i just noticed i didnt post 1.16 here yet cuz im on 56k and it takes 900 years... i need someone to update it for me =( its on atm if you want it now SD.
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By Kyxoan on Dec-09-05

Xel and I left 2.1 open hence why they took it to make Jungle and island. SD if you didnt notice we are up to 1.16 now so DL your latest bugfree version=P
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By SD_Ryoko on Dec-09-05

Using Pitzers Widgetizer and Vexorians optomizer in conjunction will make it nearly impossible for anyone to extract anything from your map. Not terrain, units, items, triggers, anything.

Trust me, I reverse engineered the DotA template. It sucked.

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By Kyxoan on Dec-03-05

I worked on the initial ITT map with Xel, He hates me because i didnt let trolls die when he left to make a new map. I believe i spoke with you on battlenet asking why i wasnt listing in your credits as a co creator of the original. You basicly told me to F off. Hence your map is a rip off because you are a fanboi of Xel and took version 2.1of Ice trolls and added a jungle tileset and classes
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By Kenak on Dec-03-05

I think he means maps based off of Ice Troll Tribes. And to clarify, Island Troll Tribes (as well as Jungle Troll Tribes, I believe) came after Ice Troll Tribes.

Btw Moop, nice game. Just annoying how somebody always goes "You guys get Hunter and Gatherers", then he picks a mage =)

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By Moop on Dec-02-05

Hey.. This is Moop.. all i have to say is that.. "Made by the original troll tribe creator (way before jungle and island trolls rip off maps)" is debatable.. Now im not saying my map was made before yours, but i started it after playing the Original ice trolls with Xel'Naga... even in my quest log it states my map is a tribute to ice trolls. Clarify "rip off maps"
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By Kyxoan on Nov-21-05

Thanks for the feedback, 1.15 should be out by this weekend, Im having my assistant Apathetic-Irony do some nice looking tool tips for it. It will also have some balance changes and bug fixes.


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By XXXconanXXX on Nov-21-05

This is one of the only maps that's so well done and cleverly made, that it fits right into Warcraft nicely.

Surviving alone can be fun and thrilling, but the combat adds a whole different realm.

Though the learning curve can be a bit rough to newcomers, all in all it's a great map, and very fun.

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By Kyxoan on Nov-20-05

Cool thanks for trying=P if it works great if it doesnt its no big deal people already love trolls =), So much i guess that 2 people decided to make rip off versions. heh
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By SD_Ryoko on Nov-20-05

Well, Welcome aboard. We already made our Blizzard maps subission of nominees, but I can email them again and let them know you are interested in being a canidate. They seem a little 'slow' on things for the mode site. But it won't hurt to try.
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By Kyxoan on Nov-20-05

And sorry for the 3 posts but there isnt much room in the comment boxes, The offical forum of Ice Troll Tribes is
to register make an ezboard account and try to post on any forum, it will prompt you to apply for membership.

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By Kyxoan on Nov-20-05

As you can imagine dealing with the complex amount of variables in this map versions 1.0, 1.1 , 1.11 , 1.12 were all quick releases with a temp fix that failed or broke something else. Anyway I posted the map here because on they are doing spotlight maps and i wanted a chance of being nominated. They do list this site as one they pick from, thanks for the positive feedback

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By Kyxoan on Nov-20-05

Um, My map Ice Troll Tribes has been out for ... around a year and a half. But ITT II (this map) was started in like september alpha started in early November and I just started betas around November 10th. To my knowledge the map worked but it was only in single player that it worked multi was messed up in 1.0 - 1.12 1.13was playable but had a minor bug with hunger and 1.14 was playable.
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By SD_Ryoko on Nov-19-05

I must say, my roomates son played this map for about four hours a night :) Someone is doing something right. How long has version II been out? I see its already 1.14

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