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Frozen TD v1.3

Map Information
Submitted: youbedead
Map Genre:Defense
Last Update:Mar-26-09
File Size: 323kb
Rating:3.0 / 5

- 33 levels - normal (20 creeps), air (15 air units), mechanical (15 mechanical units), boss (2 strong units), mixed (a combination of the previous air, mech and boss levels - 7 air, 7 mech and 1 boss creep) and bonus (10 extremely strong units that give lots of gold and do not take away your lives)
- several tower types:
Archer (basic singe targeting tower with Critical Hit)
Splash (basic multi targeting tower, slow on attack with enormous damage and splash)
Air (targets only air units with splash and Webbing ability)
Speed (low damage with rapid attacks)
Poison (single targeting tower with a slowing Poison Attack)
Frost (multi targeting (after some upgrades) with a slowing Frost Attack)
Stun (used to, what do you know - stun creeps)
Damage (single targeting tower with extremely slow attacks with high damage)
Frozen (the ultimate tower, dealing solid slowing damage at intensely high attack rate with a large splash area)
*all the advanced towers require a research before building*


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By NightShade on Mar-29-09

a good TD. not too complicated, not quite too simple, but nothing too unique.

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