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Elemental Frenzy 1.5

Map Information
Submitted: captainrads
Map Genre:Other
Last Update:Mar-26-09
File Size: 167kb
Rating:2.0 / 5

Full feature list:
-4 basic races, plus 4 elemental races of Storm, Earth, Fire, and Water
-Hire builders from the Builder Tavern which can build structures that spawn supportive units. Maximum of three buildings per player.
-Defensive options: Build various kinds of walls and towers and buy land mines.
-Three taverns full of heroes: 24 Blizzard, 12 custom.

Build spawning structures on the grassy patches, towers on the grass diamonds. The walls go on the strip in front of the base entrance.

It's a basic Footmen Frenzy map, but with a few unique twists added to it.

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