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Element TD 4.3

Map Information
Submitted: Karawasa
Map Genre:Defense
Last Update:May-13-10
File Size: 1326kb
Rating:5.0 / 5

This is a custom Tower Defense game based on six basic elements: Fire, Earth, Light, Nature, Water, and Darkness. Elements can combine to create hybrid towers with special abilities. There are 15 Dual-Element Towers and 20 Triple-Element Towers. To add to the replay ability, there are multiple difficulty settings, and a variety of game modes. See if you can survive 60 waves of creeps running though your onslaught of elements!


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By Blood Raven on Jul-31-10

This is the BEST TD of this type i've EVER SEEN!!!
Actually, i have tried to make one like this one... theres too much work and im bored of it :D

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