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Butcher Tag v1.0a

Map Information
Submitted: Blackrage
Map Genre:Other
Last Update:Jun-04-09
File Size: 2612kb
Rating:4.0 / 5

Well, if you've played DotA, you know about Pudge's famous hook (infamous to some). This tag map started from being based around that hook, to around Pudge and DotA itself. There are 16 runners (All from DotA) following a strict 2 ability rule. The Runners can build farms (for income), walls to tank the Pudge's attacks (and block him outside the runner's base), and towers to damage the Pudge, although the towers die in one hit.

The host (Player 1) must set the kill and time limit at the start of the game. If not, it will default to 30 minutes and 999999 lives, which is nearly impossible for the taggers (unless veterans).

Well, this map is sort of hard to explain, and it's easier to understand it if you play it.

First map I made, btw. My username on Battlenet (Lordaeron West) is Eithyr.

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By Blackrage on Oct-30-09

This map is not functional for the new battle net patch.
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By Blackrage on Jun-02-09

Thanks for the feedback!

Well, I'm currently working on two new runners and a new tower. It's the first time anyone said that adding more base buildings made it look more professional, so I'll seperate the wall category with the towers.

For the teleport base; Really? It's based off of waygate so I thought it would just reposition. I'll trigger it then.

The default time IS 30 minutes, btw. I'll set the default lives to 40.

Is your name in bnet thewrongvine?

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By thewrongvine on Jun-01-09

It's pretty cool. Here are some things to improve:
-Buildings, players need more buildings, instead of just different upgrades, when you have more buildings, it looks more professional :)
-Teleport Base, the one on the right side, runners can put walls on the teleporter and block it
-Starting Defaults, not everyone reads, you should make the default settings like 30 minutes and 100 lives or something, not automatically to 9999999

Cool spells, I didn't try all of them, so I'll take your word that they are triggered like in DotA, :D

Anyways, it's pretty fun. Let's play together some time, I play on West sometimes, too. ^_^

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