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Tropical Warfare v.1.8

Map Information
Submitted: Antsu
Map Genre:AoS Maps
Last Update:Nov-29-05
File Size: 1089kb

Help your allied soldiers to destroy enemy Head Quaters, while defending your own base. Use weapons, grenades, mines, explosives, and numberous tools to help you. You can use 3 vechiles too, Jeep, Tigertank or a Chopper. This map has a 3rd person camera, that can be zoomed and angled with arrowkeys. You can also send Elitesoldier -waves. Shooting works by pressing numberpad of the slot of the weapon, or Left clicking enemy unit. Mana marks your ammo, you must use clips to reload. Money is gained from kills, slow regeneration and payment. You can use the hides and secret passages to wait for your victim, or saying unseen.
There are many different strategies in this map. You can be a normal shooter, suicide bomber, guerrilla, assassin, hunter, sharpshooter, berzerkrusher, mass spawner, nukeman, etc, all depends of your item and vechile combinations.
All the details can be found from 'Quests'.

Any kind of feedback is warmly welcome!

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By SeruK on Nov-30-05

Great map dude! I love this! 5/5 10/10 50/50 whatever/whatever!

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