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JuMbo TD 2.2

Map Information
Submitted: DKBear
Map Genre:Defense
Last Update:Aug-15-09
File Size: 277kb

JuMbo TD 2.2
-By: BigBear (my new name) :D
38 levels
-Boss levels
-Air levels
-Ground levels
40 towers (include upgrades)
Upgrades to the towers
Fast and easy to learn how to play it :D
Hard to complete all the levels :P

You are one of the Chosen Undead Acolytes that have to build Towers fast and defend the Lich King from the attackers that attack him... if the Lich King falls it is out with Northrend and the great Scourge.... it's up to you to defend the King..

so try it out with some friends or host it in game :D
Thanks for downloading (if you download it xD) and Thanks for hosting it


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