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Necro Corp, Ltd. version 1.2

Map Information
Submitted: AceHart
Map Genre:Defense
Last Update:Dec-19-05
File Size: 291kb

Necro Corp, Ltd.

A cooperative survival map.

Protect your Necropolis for 30 minutes. At all costs. No prisoners.

1 - 4 players, 2 recommended.
All players share the same units and resources.

Happy mapping,

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By Nighthawk on Sep-12-09

Edit: wasn't thinking at the time, the reason I didn't see the alcolyte picture was probably because the adds were always aggroing them so they were always moving.
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By Nighthawk on Sep-12-09

Cool, if chaotic, game. + for simplicity. I really liked the varying types of incoming creeps, there were some guys i'd just dispatch with quickly, and other guys i'd have to send half my units to pound on him for a while.

It became exceedingly difficult as the match went on to target my alcolytes. It'd be nice if there was a way to target them like in the blizzard warcraft maps (with a selectable portrait in the lower left). Also, if you could show all the available build options and what is required to get them on the alcolytes it'd make it easier for beginning players. All in all very cool game, an excellent example of the genre.

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By opiemonster on Oct-12-08

nice game, i made a survival map aswell, see if it compares to yours....

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By morcius on Apr-01-07

I like ur map rly simple easy nice and its unprotected lets me teach a triggers :)
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By AceHart on Dec-25-05

> no timer window

Have a look at your lumber (top right).

> More instructions

Well, your Necropolis can summon a couple units (Dark Minions anyone?).

Other than that, once you have, for example, a Crypt,
it's a simple matter of selecting an Acolyte, right-clicking the Crypt and waiting a bit...

As for the mass towers, I don't think 5 is a mass ;)

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By Toronto on Dec-25-05

*No timer window
*NEED MORE INSTRUCTIONS.... = ( lol i massed towers and I couldn't do anything

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By AceHart on Dec-19-05

I clearly underestimated single players and overestimated multi players.

All fixed.

Along with a bunch off other changes...

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By Doctor-Peppe on Dec-19-05

I played it online with 3 other players and i gotta tell you, its imposible to hold on longer then 10 min. If you do upgrades, al your units will die and ull end up without protection. If you keep on making skeletons they will become 2 weak and ull lose again.
Anyway, i had fun for few min. but it would be fun to see more variation in the map

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By SD_Ryoko on Dec-17-05

Comments left in thread.
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By SD_Ryoko on Dec-10-05

+Rep for any who leave constructive feedback.

+20 Rep for first victory replay.
+30 If it was multiplayer.

Visit project thread here.

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By AceHart on Dec-08-05

With people you don't know, you might, indeed, end up with "Leave my units alone"...

That's a feature.

As for the winning, try it once (or more) single player.
There's several strats that bring you way beyond the first 5 minutes.

For multi-player... there just might be too many Creeps.
Don't know. I'll see.

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By RunningAway on Dec-07-05

lol, that was fun, played with some buddies from school :p we had a good laugh, its a bit tough though. The four of us couldn't last more then 5 minuts :/ we were mainly screwing around though. Lots of fun if you're playing it private with some friends, i'm sure it would be a pain playing publicialy.

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