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4 Mighty Heros

Map Information
Submitted: opiemonster
Map Genre:Defense
Last Update:Sep-07-09
File Size: 1041kb

When you build a town in the center of Northerend, you should expect a little interaction with the undead, but for these poor souls, the undead is the least of their worries. As the town gathers its local guards and skilled marksmen to prolong their impending doom, they hope, they wait, for the heros to return.

Alas! The 4 mighty hero's have come, to destroy all that oppose the lowly town. All that stand in the way shall fall, no matter how gruesome the battle may be.

Control 1 of 4 mighty heros as you defend your town to the south. You leap into battle randomly receiving a hero at your command. The aim is simple, don't let your town burn to the ground and when you have are ready, strike the enemy encampment to the north. This is predominantly a team based game, so gather your 3 best friends and duke it out!

The Wizard -
Intelligence based hero, skilled with magic destroying clusters of units.

The Berserker -
The berserker has a mix between heavy and speed based combat. By smashing clusters of foes with his giant hammer, or going into a frenzied rage, the berserker conquers all!

The Paladin -
The paladin weighs on the heavy based combat but leans slightly towards healing and defensive magic.

The Ranger -
The ranger is swift and deals massive damage. She can shoot multiple arrows at a time with her extreme skill.

Author: Opiemonster

Inspiration: X Hero Sieges, 7 blademasters

Map protection: Victor Hugo Soliz Kuncar

Archer by Nasrudin
WarMage by armel
Retributer by jigrael

Nova Spell Pack By Gaby-Boy
Large GUI Spellpack by Dekku

------------------Change Log---------------
Beta version 1.0


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By metalcloud on Sep-10-09

Nice game keep it up!

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