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Cross the Sheep by the Street

Map Information
Submitted: Peasant
Map Genre:Other
Last Update:Dec-08-05
File Size: 304kb

This is my first complete map and i took days to finish it... You are a sheep and you have to cross the street while lots of cars are passing by it. It's funny, each time you cross the street the cars get faster and the game get harder to play, the game has 16 different
levels. I hope u all enjoy it... it prolly will lag a little bit but i don't know how to change this. If you have any suggestions u can e-mail me at [email protected] please do not edit it.

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By Archer 1 on Jun-08-06

This is really fun. Good work! Hope to see more maps from you in the future!
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By Demonfaze on Dec-09-05

nice work ^^
if this is your first you have great potential!
keep it up

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