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Assassins v2.4b +AI

Map Information
Submitted: Baintastic
Map Genre:Arena/CTF
Last Update:Sep-17-09
File Size: 886kb

There are 2 different game modes and 2 different camera modes.

Game Modes (player 1 only):
-dm XX ~-- Deathmatch Mode with XX kill limit
-tm XX ~-- Team Deathmatch Mode with XX kill limit

Camera Modes (player 1 only):
-fpoff ~-- resets all camera views to the default bird's-eye
-fpon ~-- changes all camera views back to the WoW-like first person

Commands (all players):
-ms ~-- shows hero's movements speed
* NEW * -random ~-- selects a random hero

* Choose 1 of 12 different assassins, each with a unique ultimate ability
* Unique spell learning system where better abilities cost more
| Press Esc to bring up your spell books to purchase 6 of 29 different abilities
| | - Book of Assailment: choose 2 of 8 different offensive abilities
| | - Book of Deception: choose 2 of 12 different defensive/deceptive abilities
| | - Book of Aegis: choose 2 of 9 different passive abilities
* All keyboard hotkeys correspond with their position on the screen
* Basic AI allows for offline play
* Armorer shop: purchase various weaponry that can be combined
* Custom scorescreen at the end of the game
* 25 Awards

Go to for the latest version and gameplay info
Email any suggestions or bugs to [email protected]


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