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Defense of the Ancients: All Out War v1.2

Map Information
Submitted: gatx103
Map Genre:Melee
Last Update:Oct-23-09
File Size: 557kb

Changelogs(for those who have tried the first one out :D )

-Added Earthshaker to Dota Heroes Tavern
-Added Kul'tiras Skyfortress to Goblin Labs (Model by Mephestrial)
-Fixed Tidehunter's Ravage effects :D
-Changed Rogue Knight's Storm Bolt into AOE!
-Added Lightning effect on Rogue Knight's God Strength
-Fixed Dragon Knight's Dragon form having less Armor than Dragon Knight normal form
-Changed Beat Up mechanics:
-400% AS on all levels
-Mana cost reduced per level (90/60/30)

-Buffed Tidehunter's Anchor Smash to 120/160/200 but at constant 24% chance
-Changed War Golem's ability Ground Collapse to Bull Rush
-Bull Rush 120 mana, 30/25/20 cd, global cast range
-the war golem charges at a target unit with accelerating speed, throwing aside enemy units in his path, dragging some even. Deals damage depending on current ms upon collision. Damage and acceleration improves per level
-Nerfed War Golem HP regen from .3 to .25
-Buffed up Slayer, increasing max damage of Dragon SLave and Light Strike to 240 each
-Nerfed Goblin Marauder base damage to 20
-"Smoothed" out Dragon Knight's Dragon's Blood
-Currently Removed Doombringer from hero roster
-Added new Item: Aegis of the Immortal! :D
-General fix of tooltips on all buffs and skills

Note: There are two fountains in the center of the map now and the heroes guarding there are removed. However, Roshan is now there to pawn some hero ass!

Hero suggestions are welcome! I'd try to make 'em..


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