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Conquest 1.25d

Map Information
Submitted: Outbreak191
Map Genre:Arena/CTF
Last Update:Dec-16-05
File Size: 457kb

UPDATE:-Lots of bug fixes
(Sorry for so many updates in such a short time but I keep finding lots of major bugs)
You must get one attacking unit bought from your base into the enemies base. (For more detail enable tutorial mode in game).
If anyone has any constructive criticism or found any bugs please post them here.

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By Outbreak191 on Dec-14-05

You only win if you get an attacking unit in, the heroes dont count.
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By Rad on Dec-13-05

The custom models are definately not needed.. They look exactly the same other than the portrait (And icon but thats not the model)

I tried to kill a skink and it said I was team killing... I just wanted to let out some anger you know?! :'(

I didnt finish, but if the game is like the old version its still to easy to get into the base (Just have 3 guys walk in at once and not attack...)

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