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Jurassic Park: The Survival 1.7

Map Information
Submitted: Wanderer999
Map Genre:AoS Maps
Last Update:Dec-17-05
File Size: 1127kb

Brought to you by the very same creator of Naruto Wars, the original version of this map made by Bawee was changed so much it has become a completely new game.
Island B the original paradise for viewing extinct creatures, has become infested with roaming dinosaurs due to a freak accident, most of which are predatory in nature. Play the role of one of five unique classes, from scientist to an ankylosaurus pet, as you and your friend(s) attempt to survive long enough for a helicopter to arrive and rescue you.
The game includes AI computer players, however it is still in a very dumb stage. The game features a time based action, whereby more dinosaurs and more action is promised as time draws closer and closer to the helicopter landing, eventually resulting in the entire island of hostiles chasing after you as you make a run for the helicopter when it finally arrives - it's reach the chopper or be chomped.


If you download a map, feel free to come back and leave feedback. Your comments and opinions help authors make better maps.


By Wanderer999 on Dec-20-05

I did send a pic but it said that the pic had to be in JPG format. I double checked and 'redid' the pic again to make sure it was JPG. Still the server said it was not JPG... So in the end I excluded the picture.

By SD_Ryoko on Dec-19-05

Hi I sent you a PM

For whatever reason, your preview image didn't come in/ Maybe you didn't include one. Please let me know. I have changed it to a generic image; but I would like to find out what the server did.

Thanks :D

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