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Submitted: Vöölidin
Map Genre:Defense
Last Update:Apr-30-11
File Size: 251kb

In this TD you must build towers to defend your Powergenerator.Towers can only be build on grass but barracks can be build on blight.
Grunts are designed to slow enemies down but not to kill them, because towers are there to kill enemies. There is several different tower types from slowing to wavering.
You can also use magic abilities from your Magic tower close to the Powergenerator, These abilities vary from Tornadoes to Timestops.To charge your Magic tower with mana you need to pay gold.
There is goblin vendors that sell all sorts of widgets and tools, also they can trade your gold into timber and vice versa.

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By Vöölidin on Jul-10-10

Please Commment here about this map so i can improve it in any way possible.
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By Vöölidin on Apr-14-10

21 Downloads i must be famous!

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