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Dota: All-Out War v1.4

Map Information
Submitted: gatx103
Map Genre:Melee
Last Update:Apr-13-10
File Size: 9244kb

You can now type -music chaos to hear the Chaos theme of Dawn of War. You can also -music rakrz to play a song by Rammstein. I just tried it out but you can always ignore it. If u like it i could add more.

A warning text now shows up when Roshan is killed, stating the killing player. Another warning shows up when it is picked up, stating the player name and the unit type of the acquiring unit.

Rogue Knight's Storm Bolt now the same as in DotA's, now locked on the target unit. Changed Toughness Aura to War Cry, the same effects on DotA.

Earthshaker's Fissure now blocks all but the smallest units. Fixed Aftershock not working on Fissure. Also updated Enchant Totem plus damage to that of current Earthshaker (+ 150/225/300%).

Added Sand King to the hero roster.

Added The Sagra and The Dominatrix on hero roster. Added a new tavern for these two new heroes. The tavern is accessible via the newly added waygates. The Sagra has a longer cooldown time, meaning you can access him later in the game. This is because he is too powerful for early game in my opinion. You can try him out and see for urself. Your feedbacks on him would be useful.

Addded Dagger of Escape on Goblin Merchants.

Moved the two bears on the lower right deeper back into the cliffs. They're always smacking units everytime the Red player goes to get a hero from the tavern.

Fixed some tooltips n stuff.

and o yeah...changed the weather from "snow" to "blizzard"..also the tileset is now lordaeron winter..

returned some heroes which i forgot to return in the last post..

try it folks..


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By CungPowCow on Apr-25-10

Nice. =^)

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