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Epic Fantasy V1.23a

Map Information
Submitted: Ultra-X
Map Genre:Role Playing
Last Update:Apr-07-10
File Size: 3647kb

Another RPG with a whole world to explore. Fantasy life is the origional but this has been made similiar to it so players have some simple knowledge of what to do. The map size is epic and not a bit of it is wasted. The map is good fun fo playing with your friends. The map has over 20 bosess, a variety of unique items. City events will take place where demons and plagues attack will the city of cameron. You choose to be a,

Male swordsman
Female swordsman

Male mage
Femal mage

Male archer
Femal archer

Whichever hero you choose is very important since you may only equipt weapons to that class, for example mages may only equipt staffs. Master weaponry is scattered all over the map, guarded buy puzzles or bosses. Secret areas waiting to be discovered. List of some special items in map.

-Shockforce of agillity
-Shockforce of strength
-Shockforce of intelligance
-3 Enchanted corals
-6 Toys
-6 Elemental powers
-Darkened energy mod
-Cursed energy mod
-Master sword
-Master bow
-Sage staff
-shadow bow
-Vampire killer

And much more to be found!
As a character you may also choose what skillsets you learn. Read there description in loading page to know what they do.

-White mage magic
-gray mage magic
-black mage magic
-Warrior skills
-Slayer skills
-Hunter skills
-satanist magic
-thief skills
-Mechanicalist skills

Houses to be brought, they may be used as your safe havan. There is a Emperor who rules over the city, pay his/her taxes or deny them. Be friends or enemies with other players or Cause choas as a thief.
The map is split up like FL. you have the city and the castle, snowy mountains, lonely woods, Swamps, caves, grand waterfalls and the demon realm. The map seems even bigger when you adventure far away from the city.

If you want any new things to be added in map or to report bugs contact the creater ultra-x (european gate) at: [email protected]

This proberbly never be as good as fantasy life but its still good fun.

Also im going to have problems with hosting since ive got a new PC and ive lost the frozen throne disk. So if you approve and wish to have me in a game on bnet contact my email below. I would like that to happen.

Fantasy life: origionaly by Mid highwind
Mastered: disaster + thorhammer.


If you download a map, feel free to come back and leave feedback. Your comments and opinions help authors make better maps.


By Ultra-X on May-24-10

The newer version is up on epic war. Please leave comments

By Ultra-X on Apr-12-10

Since im rather nice ill give a few hints for the master weapons !. you see those blue shinny runes, aside them should be flat plain basic runes that are coloured red or black. You see if you have 2 black runes aside one blue rune then that meens the main rune has a value of 2. so go to the blue rune with one black rune then go to the other that has 2 black runes, e.t.c
Elemental light is gained by donating 600gold to the church repeatetly.
Sorry there is a bug, player 1 starts with 9999999999 gold which is silly. I will fix that in a updated version of the map.

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