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Marine Wars

Map Information
Submitted: (ha0s
Map Genre:Arena/CTF
Last Update:Dec-17-05
File Size: 61kb

Use Marines to kill other player plus creeps
Custom abilities and units
Shop in middle
Go to tower near your spawn point to spawn more creeps to advance more
Each player starts with 35 lives
Get even more cash for killing opposing marine


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By Doomhammer on Dec-20-05

It's not brilliant, ...YET'd get some beer and have some fun with this map. Spelling mistakes and names like 'Marine Dude' are doing their part as well :)

By (ha0s on Dec-19-05

I'm Busy with an new version of Marine wars- Better and With better textures. This is my first map afterall...

By Kenak on Dec-18-05

About my comment: Lorderon Summer "Dirt" is the crappiest tileset in the game, yet you used it more than any other without doodads. Hernce my comment.

By (ha0s on Dec-18-05

So, any comments on the MAP itself?

By Slaughter on Dec-18-05

What screenshot? You mean the minimap picture?

By (ha0s on Dec-18-05

If it's crap, then sorry, it is my first map.

By Rad on Dec-18-05

You cant judge a book by its cover!

By Kenak on Dec-17-05

The crappy terrain in the screenshot hurts my eyes!

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