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God's Throne

Map Information
Submitted: Azrooh
Map Genre:Other
Last Update:May-01-10
File Size: 2014kb

What is 'God's Throne'?

God's Throne is a much more strategy-oriented God's Land style game. It not only has actual gameplay for the mortals - with resource management, exploration, and teamwork that no other God's Land game has - it also has the most powerful 'God' figure in-game.

Why should I play this map over the other God's Land games?

While other games are more focused on red having uberunits to allow whoever he gives them to to decimate the battlefield completely, this one relies more on commands that allow you to equalize and subtly change battles as you see fit. While you can still do the huge fits of destruction that are possible on other maps - on a far greater scale, I might add - it has a huge amount of commands and other options that allow you to change how the game is played.

What's so innovative about red? This is just a god's land ripoff...

In this game, red can do anything from change units into critters for five minutes, allowing units to sacrifice other units, a comprehensive terrain-changing feature to mold the terrain how you see fit, forced alliances, many quite useful bells, whistles, and unit modifications, and even custom player-made cinematics.

Read the quests menu in-game for a full list of commands.
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Crossbowman/Arbalest - Kitebatake
Champion - Elenai
Assassin - Ket
Hydromancer - Infrenous
Undying Knight: Dan van Ohllus
Trebuchet: Oldboy


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