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The Crucible

Map Information
Submitted: gatx103
Map Genre:Melee
Last Update:May-10-10
File Size: 1252kb

An edited map containing DotA heroes. Also contains some original heroes at the taverns. Also allows players to play as naga or fel orcs.

the races here contain augmentations in their upgrades and the like, like archers and huntresses have permanent invisibility at night, units get sick (crippled) when attacking Abominations at close range, Footmen and Knights are damn hard to kill because of damage blocking etc..

Also contains new heroes, Axe and Faceless Void. Try em out. Also, War Golem's Ulti has been changed to something far more awesome. It has would remind you of the hulk's long range, ground breaking jumps.

to play as naga or fel orcs simply type in -naga or - fel before 8 seconds of the game. Also, dont use night elves or undead when u want to play fel orcs or nagas..there's something wrong i haven't fixed. And no victory or lose when you play as a custom race, still working on that..but then, you could consider it a victory if you've decimated all your enemy's units. Try it out and leave comments, gotta do some balancing on the fel orcs. They recently whipped some naga ass on my tryouts with my bro. >:]

and oh yes, here's a short vid on the War Golem in against a Rogue Knight..


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