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Town Builder Ver.1.2

Map Information
Submitted: ZtW
Map Genre:Other
Last Update:Dec-18-05
File Size: 1581kb

Most of you are thinking, what's so great about Town Builder? Well Village Builder was a good map and was very well put together, but it had a few minor flaws. Most people chose only ranged units and nothing else and could win useing almsot no stratagy. If there were more than 5 players, the Raiders didn't even stand a chance. So, I decided to creae my own map to keep the same themes of Village Builder, but to add and fix what I saw was wrong.

New Things about Town Builder:
-7 races to choose from
-now 3 Raiders
-New Terrain
-New units, now about 17 units per race.
-Spell casters
-Raiders are buffed
-No hereos (might change with later versions)
-Better Gate Triggers (-Open/-Close gates)
-When you die all of your units are now paused.
-When you die you get to see the whole map
-You find out who kills an empire
-An assortment of custom models
-Higher gate HP
-Takes longer to close and open gates (15 secs in order to not clog invading armies and to stop "gate glichers")
-Raiders now have kings
-A Multi-board with what salary each builder currently has and what race each builder is.

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By AgentPaper on Dec-26-05

Sounds good, though you should give all the players troops when they choose their race, so that raiders can go and take kill them while they build up an economy. This, along with the suspected memory leak, is the largest flaw in the game, as most of the time the raiders slots are closed to prevent early kills. Also make sure the raiders can get more income over time just like the villages.
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By Rad on Dec-21-05

I just downloaded will test soon, but for the gates you should only have them take 15 seconds when theres an enemy nearby... otherwise just close in maybe 3 seconds :/

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