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Warlords Empire 0.38c

Map Information
Submitted: Avahor
Map Genre:Other
Last Update:Jul-13-10
File Size: 3588kb

You can conform your army with 4 unit types: light melee, ranged, mage and heavy melee (some races have little diferents types ej: heavy ranged from trolls) and any unit from these types can evolute to warlord killing lots of units in battlefield. Warlord unit is hero type, can be revived on the tech center and max level is 25.


In this game any killer unit has the chance of evolute into another more stronger unit. Each unit have an upgrading way, where the final unit is hero type and rank is Warlord. When a unit kills another unit (non friendly / non allied) a counter is revealed over himself. the first number is the currently amount of kills for that unit, the second number reveals the number of kills required for evolute to the next grade.

When a unit becomes to the new grade the first counter is reset to zero and start again for the next rank. the maximun grade for each unit is warlord. The requirements are diferent for each unit type, because some unit can kill more easily than others, then this diferent amount helps to game balance.

When a unit have 3 or more killed, an passive ability is added, the "killer brand" skill gives to the killer unit a little bonus of attack speed and movement speed. this skill can be upgrade after 12/36/80 kills.

- To improve the balance of the game, all races have the same way to upgrade Life, Armor and Damage. All requirements are removed from previous version.
- All races have four units to conform an army. only four warlords are allowed per each player, one warlord of each type.
- Each training building can cast a tower build to improve zone defenses, but there are requirements to get the tower, all races have towers allowed.
- Each race have flying units except the dwarfs. they are the unique race having siege units.
- Each race have charger units.
- Each race have tech building to research upgrades and revive dead Warlords. if a tech building is destroyed the owner can buy another tech building on the neutrals shops. use this to accelerate researchs.


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