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2 Player Co-Op RPG (Alpha)

Map Information
Submitted: duderock101
Map Genre:Role Playing
Last Update:Feb-13-11
File Size: 1059kb

2 Player Co-Op RPG



Lets face it, Warcraft III Battlenet is dead. However, WC3 will always be known as a great LAN Party game. I would like to add this game, into the small amount of games aimed at a LAN Party, well if two people is a LAN party.

2 Player Co-Op RPG is aimed at those with siblings, family members or friends who want to have a Co-op game, instead of blowing each other up. In this RPG, you'll have to work together to survive, overcome obstacles, and, at the end, destroy the darkest evil in the land.

Of course, you can steal all the gold and items for yourself, but if your partner dies, you die as well, so work together ^^ it's really in your best interests!

About the map
I'll keep it short...

288 x 224 Map size (Epic), including small miniture maps within that massive map.

1 Hero each, no other units (Unless you summon them)

Custom Heroes (More will be created as the project rolls on)

Wide variety of Miniquests, not just simple, Kill A and hand in. (You've got TD like quests, Boss kills, and other unique events.

A large map to explore, discovering puzzels to unlock, and mysteries to solve

And so much more...

At the moment its in Alpha stage, below will show how far through this map is, and what the content will hold.


8 Quests (Quests also involve miniquests) (They are long quests btw :))

4 Custom hero's

20 Levels, (Although you'll probably only reach level 12 in the Alpha Stage)

60 Minutes Game-play

I promise you now, the time will fly by when playing this game as it is NOT repetitive, every quest is unique and different, and you should be sad when it ends

As i've stated, this project is in Alpha mode - it works, tested MANY times, gathered peoples opinions and so it's suitable for a release. Its in the Alpha stage because there is MUCH more content to come, including new quests, duelling system and many more new Heroes to sate your hunger!


Below are 100% valid comments from Bnet users who have tested the map with me, some have only tested half of what is in the Alpha's release, due to the fact that I tested it as I created it

HAPPY1234567890 "Thumbs up to this game :thup:"

I3attery "Good, fun game"

Badaster "forces players to work together for once, instead of killing each other"

Cute.My.Kitty "Nice map, good game, like the quests"

Chaoswarlord "Its a good map, works well and its enjoyable with a friend"

Kizza2208 "Cleverly Made, all the minquests are enjoyable"

Krieg "8/10 for what i've seen so far" (Comment was given before Alpha version was completed)

All these comments are 100% quotes (Un-edited)

Playing the game

PLEASE NOTE: This game is NOT fully single player. I've developed a Single player mode for the first few Quests, but you really need to play this with another person to experience the full fun of it! But, as I said, for the first few quests you can play it Single Player mode!


Thanks for reading/downloading/playing the game ^^ Took me a long while to make.

Please comment on it, giving ideas, suggestions and anything else which can AID this project. Also, if you find any bugs, please don't hesitate to state where they are!


Please don't take my map and claim it's your own, your edit it and then claim its your own. You may not use the terrain of this map (If you want this terrain, then check my terrain thread and there's an empty one of it over there (Without the massive chunk taken out of the map)

All credits are given INGAME
This map is unprotected as part of my belief that people can learn from these triggers, don't abuse that trust!


If you download a map, feel free to come back and leave feedback. Your comments and opinions help authors make better maps.


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