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Chaos Canyon

Map Information
Submitted: CysaDamercen
Map Genre:AoS Maps
Last Update:Apr-03-11
File Size: 126kb

-16 Champions
Two teams with 8 unique champions per team. Elven Invaders versus the Chaos Defenders

Green Team(Elven Invaders):
-Ranger Matriarch (Pet wolves, explosive arrows, sleep, dodge/crit)
-Royal Assassin (PBAoE attack, Stealth, Ranged DoT, Backstap)
-Trickster Fiend (Shadow DoT, Shadow Bomb, Mana Burn, Illusion)
-Divine Champion (Inspired Strength, Defensive Stance, Holy Mist, Divine Shield)
-Grand Inquisitor (Judgement, Mana Shield, Banish, Wrath)
-Pyromancer (Silence/DoT, Cone DoT, PBAoE DoT, Volcano)
-Cryomancer (Frost Orb, Nova, Armor, Blizzard)
-Storm Caller (Chain Lightning, Lightning Shield, Tornado, Lightning Storm)

Brown team(Canyon Defenders):
-Berserker Warlord (Shockwave, Fury, Sweeping Strikes, Rage)
-Chaos Prophet (Anti-magic shield, life drain, DoT, Infernal)
-Demon Queen (Corruption, Seduction, Blink, Soul Crusher)
-Ghost Walker (Healing Wave, Spirit Link, Daunting Howl, Immortal Warrior)
-Nameless Champion (Spite, Roar, Brutal Blows, Subterranean Assault)
-Necromancer (animate dead, dark blessing, death grasp, touch of death)
-Shadow Shaman (Insect swarm, hex, mojo magic, plague swarm)
-Shadow Stalker (shadow walk, shadow javelins, silence, shadow hex)


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