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Village Defender 1.0

Map Information
Submitted: eubz
Map Genre:Defense
Last Update:Apr-26-11
File Size: 94kb

Village Defender 1.0
- Defend the village, primarily the Arcane Observatory. You are tasked to defend it.
- Build towers with the help of your carpenter. You can also build some structures and hire villagers to help you defend your village.
-Upgrade your towers for better defense.
-Create Knights to help you win the game...
To defend the village, you should build towers. The basic tower that is built by the carpenter is the Scout Tower, a tower that cannot attack enemies. Scout Tower can be upgraded to Guard Tower or Arcane Tower, but to upgrade into an Arcane tower you must have built first the Arcane Vault. See the upgrades for each towers below:
-Guard Tower to Cannon Tower
-Cannon Tower to Flame Tower
-Flame Tower to Advanced Flame Tower
-Arcane Tower to Sky Fury Tower
-Sky Fury Tower to Dalaran Guard Tower
-Dalaran Guard Tower to Energy Tower
- Energy Tower to Advanced Energy Tower
NOTE: Each tower has specific buildings as requirements before you can build any one of them. Towers can be sold except for other structures.
The Units
1. Carpenter
The Carpenter is your primary unit that has the ability to construct buildings and towers. He can also repair what he has constursted. The Carpenter is invulnerable.
2. Workers
You can hire workers from the Villagers' House. they can only harvest gold and lumber and repair structures but do not have the ability to build structures.
3. Villager (male)
The basic male fighter who has Critical Strike and Envenomed Spears abilities. Both abilities can be upgraded in the Villagers' House of Upgrades. hp: 550; hp regen; 10; Gold Cost: 350
4. Villager (female)
This Female Villager has the Critical Strike Ability that can be upgraded in the Villagers' House of Upgrades. Same hp, hp reged and Gold Cost with that of the Villager (male).
Village Defender has Special Units.
1. The Healer
The Healer is a very special unit in the game. Aside from the Polymorph, Heal and Inner Fire abilities she is the only unit that can make captains. Captains are made from Footmen. Without the healer
you cannot have captains and Knights. hp: 1200; hp regen 10; gold cost 1500.
2. Footmen
Footmen are basic soldiers of your village that can be trained in the barracks. they have the defend ability and can be transformed by the healer to be a captain. hp 4200; hp regen 0.25; gold cost 250.
3. Captain
Captains are promoted footmen. They become Knights through their Knighthood ability. They have the cleaving attack, Defend and Knighthood Abilities. hp 5000; hp regen 20.
4. Knight
Knight is the strongest soldier in the village. He has thecleaving attack, envenomed spears, and slam abilities. He can buy items from the Arcane Vault except for tomes. He is the promoted Captain. hp 80000; hp regen 500; mana 800; mana regen 10.


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