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Village Defender 1.1

Map Information
Submitted: eubz
Map Genre:Defense
Last Update:Apr-28-11
File Size: 1332kb

Village Defender 1.1 is playable by four. It has AI's so that you will have fun even in a single player mode.
The main task is to defend the Arcane Observatory which is located in your village. It must not fall, if that happens you will lose the game.

Aside from the towers built by the carpenter, you can also train units such as, the villager (male), Villager(female), workers who gathers gold and lumber but don't have the ability to build structures; workers have the ability to repair structures.

Special Units

The game has special units. The healer, who is trained at the villagers tent has the ability to make a captain from the footman(Read Quest or press F9 for information). The Footman, which can be transformed by the Healer into a captain is another special unit. The Captain has the ability to transform himself into a Knight with his knighthood ability.

AI - Computer-controlled Carpenters build structures. Towers controlled by computer upgrade themselves into a desired tower upgrade. Villagers Tent controlled by computer trains villagers. The computer-controlled Farm upgrades into a barracks and the barracks train Footmen.

Expect more in the versions to come.


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