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Village Defender 1.10

Map Information
Submitted: eubz
Map Genre:Defense
Last Update:May-24-11
File Size: 2278kb

Village defender is not only a tower defense in a sense. You have units to help you in your quest to defend the village primarily the Arcane Observatory. Your units are villagers who are willing to defend the village.
Enemies attack every 50 seconds. In levels 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 a boss attacks together with the creeps assigned to those levels. Starting from level 11 onwards, creeps have abilities. What makes this different from other tower defense is that all creep levels attack and their damage is increasing in every level. See Creep Table for details
about creeps.
Finish the game without cheating. It is the only way to prove how good your strategy is. Your strategy should include managing your gold, lumber, upgrades, towers to build, and villagers to train. You must also include which hero should you choose to own.

Units are trained in the villager's House Tent.
1. Carpenter - The carpenter is your primary unit that has the ability to construct buildings and towers. He can also repair
damaged structures. The carpenter is invulnerable.

2. Workers - You can hire workers from the Villager's Tent. They can harvest gold and lumber and repair structures, but do not have the
ability to build structures.

3. Male Villager - The basic male fighter who has the critical strike ability and envenomed spears. Both abilities can be upgraded in the
villager's house of upgrades. A male villager can have a summon horse ability as bestowed on him by the healer.

4. Female Villager - This villager has the critical strike ability that can be upgraded in the villager's House of upgrades.

5. The Healer - The Healer is a very special unit in the game. Aside from the Polymorph, heal, and Inner Fire abilities, she is the only unit
that can create a new ability to the male villager.

6. Special Units - Special units include the footman, captain and knight. These units are not included in versions 1.4 - 1.7 and other versions
to come.

To defend the village, you should build towers. The basic tower that is built by the carpenter is the scout tower, a tower that cannot attack
enemies. Scout Tower can be upgraded to Guard Tower or Arcane Tower (See Towers Techtree and Upgrades). Another tower that can be built by the carpenter
is the guardian tower level 1 that can be upgraded into 4 more levels.

Buildings are built by the carpenter except for the altar of kings. Altar of kings is an upgrade of the Farm.

1. Farm - Provides 30 food which increases the maximum number of units that can be trained. Also attacks land and air units.
2. Villager's Tent - Trains villagers.
3. Villager's House of Upgrades - Upgrades units and recieve gathered resources. The available upgrades in this building are Scrolls, Improved range, Chaos,
villager's courage, villager's armor, improved masonry, healer's adept training, envenomed spears, markmanship, and improved lumber harvesting.
4. Arcane Vault - You can buy items for your hero and other units with inventory in this building.
5. Altar of Kings - Here, you can summon a hero of your choice. You are only going to have one hero.
6. Altar of the depths - To upgrade your tidal guardians to level 4 and level 5, you have to build a farm and upgrade it
into tha altar of the depths. (available only in version 1.7 to the latest versions).

Items can be bought from the Arcane Observatory or from the Village Merchant. (Village Merchant is only available in versions 1.5 to the latest versions)

Some items presented here have come to changes from versions 1.8 to 1.10.

Different kind of creeps attack the village to destroy the Arcane Observatory.


General Frank for the Titan Lord and BloodElf Hero; Tarrasque for the tidal Lord; CloudWolf; Sellenisko for the demon hunter and malygos; paladinjst for the guard helmet, guard shield and mounted villager man; Sunchips for the black dragon scale mail and dwarven axe; chilla-killa for the haunted sword; Gottfrei for the plague doctor; Debode for Mr. Goblin's Stall I used as Village Merchant; and the maker of Lightning Strike.


version 1.0 - 25 levels;
version 1.1 - 32 Levels,
version 1.2 - 40 Levels, Boss Spawns in Levels 10, 20, 30, and 40, New Villager added;
version 1.3 - 40 levess, Boss spawn in levels 10 20 30 and 40, with AI
version 1.4 - 40 levels, all villagers, horse-friend villager cannot be trained in villager's tent but becomes a new unit from a villager (male)
version 1.5 - 50 levels, all villagers, horse-friend villager now called a rider, a village merchant for new items, some changes on gold and lumber acquisition from killed creeps.
version 1.6 - difficulty levels to select.
version 1.7 - few changes on the gameplay, game commands added;
version 1.8 - 60 levels to finish.
version 1.9 - Sylvanas is replaced with the Demon Hunter. New Hero - BloodElf Hero.
version 1.10 - Added ability to the Rider.


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