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Elves vs. Skeletons v.1.3

Map Information
Submitted: Zaldazzor
Map Genre:Defense
Last Update:Jun-01-11
File Size: 3072kb

Elves vs. Skeletons
Created by Zaldazzor

Map Info
By selecting a hero in a tavern you will face war between the Elves and the Skeletons

Change Log
Version 1.1
- added a new loading screen
- fix some bugs
Version 1.2
- 1 new hero
- 1 new item
- bug fixes
- balanced skills
- upgraded creep units
- plays sound when casting a desired skill
Version 1.3
- remake loading screen
- change Blood Mage's spheres
- remake Air Spheres to Flame Spheres
- change some skill icons

[list=a][*] Blood Mage[*] Dark Knight[*] Demon Hunter[*] Keeper of the Grove[*] Priestess of the Moon[*] Sorceress[/list][/hidden]
[list=a][*] Blademaster[*] Mort Thunder[*] Lich[*] Raider[*]Skeleton Overlord[/list][/hidden]

[list=a][*] -Bert-[*] CRAZYRUSSIAN[*] MiniMage[/list][/hidden]


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