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Morphling Wars v2.7

Map Information
Submitted: Panagoman
Map Genre:Other
Last Update:Jun-01-11
File Size: 952kb

Inspired from all other "hero wars" maps, I present to you Morphling Wars! No actual backstory exist so dont expect any epic intros :P
You can either fight allied with your friends in a team battle or play in Free for All mode in wich everyone is against everyone!
The main objective of the game is to amass a certain amount of kills decided by the host player, either in FFA or in Team play.
Your starting abilities are Waveform and Adaptive Strike (some of you are familiar with them from DotA). You can later advance your abilities and even add some new.
The current Waveform upgrades are: FireblastForm, WaveFrom, FissureForm and Frost Form each one with their own special attributes. (more to come)
There are no Adaptive Strike Updates yet, but I plan on adding them very soon :)
And now introducing something new: Nova spells!
The newest addition to Morphling, Nova spells are spells that deal damage in an AoE area around the caster and also their element's special attribute.
The current Nova Spells are: Water Nova, Fire Nova, Frost Nova. (more to come)

Adding screenshots and videos realy soon!

v1.1: added multyplayer support.
v1.2: Added hero revival and killing bonus gold.
v1.3: Fixed item prices and added trees. Everybody loves trees :D
v1.4: Added upgrade shop. Also made some fixes with the killing numbers.
v1.4b: Fixed a bug.
v1.5: Added fog and sounds. Also some price changes.
v1.6: Added descriptions and balance changes.
v16b: Some bug fixes and upgrade shop additions.
v1.7: Fixed a FUCKING BIG bug.
v1.7b: Changed the killing streak sounds.
v1.8: Added runes.
v1.9: Added Frost From.
v2.0: Added Nova spells!
v2.1: Added Adaptive strike.
v2.2: Added new items, new icons and new shops.
v2.3: Added Team and Free for All options
v2.4: Fixed a Bug
v2.5: Added Loading screen
v2.6: Added preview screen
v2.7: Added some new potions and credits

Map created by Panagoman. Do not copy, steal or extract parts of it.
Thanks to Static, Leiyanra and Naro for letting me use their icons
If you find any bugs or have any suggestions please contact me at [email protected]
(I read all your emails and reply almost the same day)


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