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War of the Archons v0.1.1b

Map Information
Submitted: archen
Map Genre:AoS Maps
Last Update:Jul-03-11
File Size: 140kb

This is a war which no ordinary human can decide for. The Vanguard and the Phalanx both summon you, a supramagical being called an Archon, to help end their war with each other. You must take the form of a powerful warrior and destroy the opposing fortress's pillar (Pillar of the Sun for Vanguard and Pillar of the Moon for Phalanx).

The currencies in this game are gold and archon points. 10 percent of the Vanguard's or Phalanx's gold is divided among each side's Archons every 30 seconds. Killing enemy units, buildings, and Archons also give varying amounts of gold. Archon points are given by defeating enemy archons or collecting Caelum Cumula, shards of the sky which fall on the central area. Also, a tiny fraction of your gold is converted into archon points every 30 seconds.

Builder units occasionally come out of your pillar. These units build fortresses and towers to expand your territory. Celestial Columns located in the northeast and southwest can be captured by bringing your Archon with your fortress's flag to the column (NOTE: if there is a fortress nearby, the Celestial Column cannot be captured). Your fortress's flag is located in your starting location and only one can be carried at a time. If an enemy picks up your flag, it is automatically returned to your starting location.

Once your Archon dies, you can choose to wait for a certain amount of time until your Archon respawns or, by paying a certain amount of gold and archon points, revive your Archon instantly. To replenish your mana and health, go to a friendly Celestial Column.

For 500 Archon Points, type in "-ta" (without the ""s) to unleash total annihilation on the area where your Archon currently is. NOTE: Subjugation has a shared? cooldown of 90 seconds.


(1) This custom game is still in its early stages of development and has many bugs (e.g., 'shockwave ability') so...
couriers available soon
Make an Archon with item-manipulating abilities.
More heroes... i mean Archons.
Fix several abilities which weren't so impressively coded (i.e., Maelstrom, Ring of Ice, Twin Slash).
More items soon..
organize the game variables (i used an INSANE amount of variables. I plan to recode the triggers so that they will just reuse the same variables and therefore be more efficient)
add notifications for events (a LOT to add, i might say). The game is still quite user-unfriendly.
Make spawning triggers for the NE and SW fortresses.

too lazy to do these right now, but.. look forward to it!... :D

(2) this custom game was inspired by DotA, but I made everything entirely from scratch...

(4)the game is unbalanced.. yeah \m/

(5)NO, there is no AI..

(6) I protected my map file so no one will be able to see my embarrassingly inefficient map-making skills :D

-ta, -unstuck

more coming soon...

This map currently has only 10 heroes. I can't blame anyone if they don't enjoy playing this. I couldn't care less, anyway. I just made this map for fun!
Enjoy :)


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