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Battle for Tatooine

Map Information
Submitted: sora1301
Map Genre:Other
Last Update:Aug-24-11
File Size: 8148kb

Battle for Tatooine

This map is an AOS-style Star Wars map using a custom flight system. Rebels resist an Imperial invasion of their research base in Tatooine. Players pilot starfighters, ground vehicles, cannons, and capital ships (ATATs and a recovered Republic Command Ship). Computer AI adjusts for player number, so you can play solo, cooperatively or competitively with your friends as a Rebel or Imperial. The game will detect how many players are on each side and adjust difficulty accordingly.

As a pilot for the Rebel or Imperial most of the time you will be flying a starfighter, strafing ground troops, dodging enemy fire, bombing enemy buildings and capital ships and shooting down enemy bombers. Features of starfighter combat include:

1.Linked and single fire
2.Rolls and lateral slips
3.Turret fire
4.Three types of missiles: concussion missiles, bombs, and proton torpedoes
5.Missiles home in on targets
6.Ion cannons that ionize ships for capture
7.Aerial Mines and other countermeasures
8.X-foil technology on Xwings and Bwings
9.Ion boosters
10.Sensors and jamming computers
11.adjustable camera with zoom in, zoom out, and rotate features (use arrow keys) help menu

Finally, the map has real Star Wars sound effects including lightsaber attacks, TIE screams, explosions, laser blasts, and more additional features in addition to extensive starship combat, the Battle for Tatooine includes:

1.Functioning ground vehicles: ATAT, ATST, T4-B Hover Tank
2.Custom hero abilities including laser reflection, force pull, and aimbot
3.An old crashed Republic Command Ship that has one last flight in it
4.Sandpeople raiders who can be influenced to take part in the battle
5.Cannon turrets you can use to shoot down enemy ships
6.Remote-controlled missiles.


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