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Darrow City BETA 1.7.2

Map Information
Submitted: sora1301
Map Genre:Other
Last Update:Aug-26-11
File Size: 2846kb

Darrow City BETA 1.7.2

Darrow City is a life map that borrows some aspects from the original Real Life (by Lord_Jonathan) and Life of a Peasant, such as getting a job, buying and driving vehicles, real estate, and more, but it introduces new and unique city management features giving players the opportunity to manage the city thereby creating their own objectives.

Another of this map:
- All key positions throughout the city require a vote. No picking positions at the beginning of the game, alllowing players to choose at anytime.
- Democracy (NO ABUSE): Elections prevent players from remaining in power too long or abusing their powers.
- Furniture: Buy it, Use it, or Return it.
- 18 Different Jobs.
- Random events occur based on conditions in the city.
- City Status Box: Keep an eye on the otherall status of the city.
- Boxing Ring: Challenge other players to a match.
- Bowling Alley: Buy shoes, buy a ball and try to knock down as many pins as possible.
- Legal: Players fighting? Theft? Take it up before your peers!
- Politics: Lull the city into happiness, or cause chaos!
- Banking: Turn that 20 gold into 200 gold.
- Crime: Watch out for the bad guys, or help stop them.
- Wealth: Enjoy reaping the rewards of your work.
- Real Estate: Like a piece property? Buy it!
- Gym: Get a good workout at the local gym.
- Hospital: Sick or Injured? Go to the hospital!
- Casino: Try your odds, maybe you'll be a big winner.


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